Our lives are pretty much destroyed by this sad Pixar supercut

Part of the reason Pixar movies are so incredibly emotional is because the characters’ emotions are so honest and real. They take us through wonderful journeys and make us feel all of the feels there are to feel. Plus, they always end on a heart-warming note that reminds you that everything is going to be OK.

But what if they didn’t end on that happy note? What if they ended during the point where you were crying not because of overwhelming happiness, but just regular sad crying? It’d likely totally destroy how you saw some of your favorite movies the way Wreck-It Ralph likes to destroy buildings.

YouTuber Chris Huebs has given us a glimpse into a world with nothing but sad Pixar movie endings. And, TBH, it’s pretty traumatizing. Taking heart-wrenching and emotional moments that we know to be mid-movie, this user just throws in jarring, upbeat music and credits right as you’re melting into a puddle of emotion from the sadness. You see Monsters Inc.Toy Story, Inside Out, and Finding Nemo as completely different movies. And it’s straight up sad.


Of course because it’s so jarring and because you know that’s not actually how the movie ends, it’s actually something you can laugh about. Sort of. After your heart gets gently glued back together from being totally shattered after seeing these super emotional moments from your favorite movies and thinking (for a second) that could be the end of the story for your beloved characters. Luckily, we all know that it isn’t and that these films are filled with a lot of joy and happiness.

But good luck with knowing that and still being able to keep a happy face while watching this vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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