Destiny’s Child reunited to do the mannequin challenge and it’s the most impressive one yet

Leave it to the ladies of Destiny’s Child to blow the competition out of the water! The members reunited to help ring in Kelly’s son’s second birthday, and graciously treated fans to a mannequin challenge video. We’ve totally seen a gazillion renditions, but theirs is definitely the best one yet.

It’s so cool to see celebrities participating in mere mortal activities like social media challenges and busting out the latest dance moves. We’re totally kidding, but we must admit…seeing amazing performers like Destiny’s Child and Adele join in the fun makes us crack a smile, for sure.

Check out Kelly, Michelle, and Beyoncé’s mannequin challenge video below!

Very cool, right? It looks so unreal, especially with the painted scenery in the background. And if it weren’t for the “mannequin challenge” sign off towards the end of the video, we’d totally think they were wax!

It’s no secret that Beyoncé and the girls keep their ears to the streets in terms of the latest happenings. When looking at their social media pages, you can totally see that they love to stay in touch with pop culture.

Bottom line, we need more fad videos from the trio. They definitely hit this mannequin challenge right on the head.

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