The new official dessert of Thanksgiving will blow your mind

For some reason, Thanksgiving just brings out the chefs in us. Maybe it’s the fact that most families are eating variations of the same thing, and want to literally add some spice to their Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe it’s because the holiday offers more freedom than most other days when it comes to eating as much as we want — if you’re already wearing stretchy pants, it’s so much easier to talk yourself into experimenting with food combinations you wouldn’t normally try. After all, you still have some room.

But then at the end of dinner, you’re always faced with that tough dilemma. You’re full, but you still want dessert. Will it be pie? Or cake?

Thankfully, you can now have both with the PIECAKEN. Piecaken looks like a cake from the outside, but once you cut yourself a slice, you get the delightful experience of finding a pie baked on the inside!

Piecaken is not just about eating pie and cake simultaneously. Since the entire pie is baked inside of a cake, it molds the flavors together to create a dessert that will totally seal the deal on your food coma. You can bake any pie inside of any cake, with any flavor combination you can think of, mixing together sweet and savory, sweet and sweet, and a wild amount of different textures. You can even make a vegan version pretty easily.

We’re no strangers to baking things inside of things, Frankensteining our own Thanksgiving creations — hello, Turdurcken. However, there is almost no limit to what you can bake inside of a cake.

Piecaken isnt new, of course, as it’s been around on the underground dessert scene for awhile, and even spent a brief and unfortunate period known as the Cherpumple. However, it’s just now catching on as a mainstream thing since a recent appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, making it the must-try dessert this holiday season.

(Images via Instagram)