The “Despicable Me 3” trailer is filled with all the cuteness we needed today

We’re looking forward to a lot of awesome movies next summer. But, TBH, one of the most exciting sequels coming out is the latest in the Despicable Me franchise. And the new trailer for Despicable Me 3 featuring Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig has everything we love about these films and so much more.

Seeing Gru and Lucy back in action is delightful enough. Lucy even takes it upon herself to give them a nickname “Grucy,” and Gru reacts in perfect unamused Gru fashion.

But the new villain on the scene, Balthazar Bratt, might just steal the show.

Voiced by Trey Parker, one of the brilliant minds behind the iconic comedy South Park, Balthazar is the perfect nemesis for Gru. He’s obviously adept at his work and focused on stealing valuables. But his obsession with all things ’80s has us LOLing forever.

Between the mullet hairdo, the purple suit with dramatic shoulder pads, and his perfectly retro facial hair, Balthazar is almost too much hilariousness to handle.

And when Gru finally catches up to him for a battle that turns into a legit dance fight, complete with a “shamone” while Michael Jackson’s “Bad” plays… it’s simply comedic perfection.

Of course, the video ends with the infamous minions cracking up (just like us) at the debauchery they are witnessing.

Because Despicable Me wouldn’t be complete without some minion action.

This trailer is different than most since it actually features longer (hysterical) scenes rather than quick moments. And seeing how funny each scene is gives us a ton of faith that Despicable Me 3 will be as entertaining as its predecessors. We cannot wait until summer 2017 to enjoy it!