“Despicable Me 3” just broke a major box office record

Minions. We can’t get enough of them. Ever since their first appearance on the silver screen, we have gone absolutely gaga for them (and Despicable Me!). Oh and let’s not forget Gru and the lovable orphans — and did we say minions! We love them so much we’ve flooded the internet with minion memes, minion collectibles, and a minion spin-off film. And apparently, Americans are not the only ones who have caught major minion-fever.

Despicable Me 3, Illumination Entertainment and Universal’s third installation, scored the biggest opening day ever for animated film in China. Yep — to the tune of $20.1 million on its first day!

Who can blame them though? Get a load of these lovable yellow blobs.

Had enough? No?

What’s more, minion domination isn’t solely restricted to China. In fact, Variety has reported a string of uber-successes all around the world.

“'Despicable Me 3has set records as the biggest animated movie opening weekend of all time in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Middle East, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Venezuela. In addition to China, it's opening in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Trinidad, and Iceland this week."

So, what’s got everyone clamoring for Despicable Me 3? Could it be a kick-ass new spin on Gru and his clan?

Spoilers ahead!

The Anti-Villain League fires Gru. The minions are hoping he’ll return to a life of crime. Gru decides to travel to Freedonia instead and reunite with his long lost twin brother. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there! The brothers strike an alliance to take down a former child-star who seeks to exact revenge upon the world. (As anyone with a sibling can tell you, the sibling relationship is one tricky, tricky, tricky juggernaut to keep in peaceful harmony.)

Despicable Me 3 is in theaters now. Rush out, or you might just miss these lovable little scoundrels on the big screen.