This designer sent his models down the runway with floral and velvet stockings over their faces

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, fashion designer Richard Quinn just took a whole new approach to style with his Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection.

On Saturday, the designer made his London Fashion Week debut with a bold collection, featuring loud floral patterns and unconventionally structured garments. Perhaps what surprised us most, though, were the many models who had floral and velvet stockings covering their faces, with tiny holes cut for seeing out. Definitely a concept that can be grouped among Fashion Week’s more bizarre moments.

Although somewhat unorthodox to the everyday person, each piece from Quinn’s collection truly feels like art, with intricate constructions that must be studied to catch every detail. This design (shown below), with a crinkled skirt that has a metallic sheen, is a prime example of the designer’s knack for thinking outside the box in a way that makes you take a closer look.

For his use of fabric and bold pattern, Quinn told Vogue that “everything was printed, made, and pattern-cut” in his studio in London. Given he’s such a new designer after having graduated just a year ago from art school at Central Saint Martins, we’re nothing short of impressed with his clear dedication to the project.

Below, we’ve rounded up just a few photos of the spectacular show. As you can see, bold colors and fabric face coverings were a major theme. When it comes to Quinn’s use of florals, we’re especially fond of how he made these frilly patterns, which are traditionally considered to be more delicate, look and feel strong with each design.





We can’t wait to see what else Quinn whips up in coming seasons, because that was quite the show. Talk about making a statement.