This $2,000 designer handbag looks like it came from Ikea

When you think of Ikea, you usually think about saving money and being cost-effective about what you buy. That and, of course, putting together complicated furniture with confusing directions and only one little metal tool.

And now, you can also associate Ikea with designer handbags thanks to Balenciaga.

The couture brand recently released an all-blue handbag. And people everywhere immediately noted the similarities between the expensive tote and a readily available “knockoff” at Ikea. The Balenciaga bag sells for around $2,145. The Ikea version is just under a dollar. So if you love a bargain and don’t have money to spend on expensive purses, this might just be a deal of a lifetime.

Aside from some cosmetic stuff – like the brand name on the handles and the fabric used for the handbag – the two are pretty similar. With just a few tweaks, you could totally look like you were carrying something très chic.

And, in reality, you were really just sporting your favorite Scandinavian furniture brand.

Ikea responded perfectly to the similarities.

According to, the brand issued an official statement on how to distinguish between the two bags. Their decoding includes all sorts of simple steps. First, you can listen for a rustling sound. Next, you can measure just how much stuff fits in it. Finally, you can test whether or not it can be washed off with a garden hose after being thrown in the dirt.

And if you paid over $2,000 for a handbag, you’re probably not going to want to throw it in the dirt to test for its “authenticity.”

Plenty of people are, understandably, getting a kick out of the two bag’s similarities. false

The bag (and similar models) are still available online if you’ve got extra cash and a particular affinity for Ikea-inspired fashion statements.

And if you want to be a real Ikea trendsetter, consider Balenciaga’s yellow bag option.

Remember, the furniture store has both large blue and yellow bags available.

So why not have the same collection available in your own closet?