One of Jess’s former flames is returning for the final season of “New Girl” — and this better not complicate things with Nick

Oooh, we’re so ready for some drama. Dermot Mulroney is returning to New Girl to reprise his role as Jess’ ex-boyfriend. As a refresher — because it’s been a while, like since Season 2 sort of while — Dermot Mulroney played Russell “Fancyman” Shiller. He was the father of one of Jess’ students, and although they didn’t get along initially, they eventually got involved. (We’ve all obviously been waiting for Dermot Mulroney to sweep us off our feet since My Best Friend’s Wedding, so we get it.)

He last appeared in a Season 2 episode, “First Date,” soooo this is pretty exciting/nerve-racking.

Since we know that the upcoming season will feature a time jump, this news has us SUPER curious. We’ve been told we’ll find future Jess and Nick in a happy relationship…but that really begs the question: Why is New Girl bringing back one of Jess’ exes? If everything’s all hunky-dory in the couple’s future, why do we need this guy? Like, the show definitely wouldn’t bring Dermot Mulroney back for nothing…right?


What role does Fancyman have to play in Jess and Nick’s future?!

This is the final season of New Girl, and we’re already pretty heartbroken about losing one of our go-to faves. But, y’know. It happens. We can take it. We can grow, learn, move on. But one thing we will absolutely *not* accept is anything but a happy ending for Nick and Jess!

So, like, we love you Dermot Mulroney — but you’d better stay in your lane. Or hearts can’t handle anything else!

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