Derek Zoolander’s apartment is ridiculously good-looking in this “Vogue” 73 Questions

Last week, we found out that the ultimate model landed the ultimate modeling dream. That is, of course, Derek Zoolander is featured on the cover of Vogue with Penelope Cruz in anticipation of his sure-to-be-hysterical upcoming film, Zoolander 2.

But it’s not just those two who are really, really ridiculously good looking. Derek’s apartment is, too, because obviously. Vogue gave us a peek into his apartment in an eight-minute clip called “73 Questions With Derek Zoolander,” and spoiler alert: It’s much bigger than a center for ants.


Not only do we get to see his beautiful pad (but only his winter home — his summer one is upstairs), but we get to hear 73 golden answers from Derek. Example: When he answers the question “How often do you take the subway,” with “Hardly ever! Sandwiches are a gateway for cake.”

Oh, and there are some celeb appearances. Like when Derek asks Zoey Kravitz to get her feet off the couch:


Check out the full video below, because it’s *so* hot right now. (Maybe next time, he’ll let us sneak a peek in the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.)Watch this on The Scene.

(Images via video.)