Denzel Washington dramatically reading greeting cards is everything we needed this morning

Quick! What’s one thing that’d really put you in an incredible mood? If you said “Denzel Washington dramatically reading greeting cards,” you’re totally in luck. (Okay, so — you might not have immediately thought of it, but after watching this segment from The Tonight Show, Washington reading cards with that stellar voice of his might be something you start depending on for an emergency smile or two.)

Jimmy Fallon had the legendary actor on his show last night, and had him play along with “Greeting Card Monologues.” Washington wanted Fallon to play along with him, which Fallon immediately agreed to.

"Let's try to out-dramatic each other," Fallon said.

(No offense, but — Washington pretty much won immediately after the competition was announced. Sorry, Jimmy.)

We seriously love how hilarious Washington is — even when he’s preparing to be dramatic!

That last one definitely got us. In fact, Washington’s reading made a standard birthday card seem so, so much funnier.

Both Washington and Fallon ended up treating these cards like true literary masterpieces. We just kind of wish they had more holiday cards in the mix, since that would have really made us feel the Christmas spirit. But hey — hearing Denzel Washington narrate anything is good enough.

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