This dentist designed a retainer to help with…fellatio?!

So, you know how it’s always an appropriate time to hear the weirdest possible news? Well, mentally prepare for this fellatio-themed installment of ‘sex meets dentistry’! We’re not kidding.

Cosmo let us know that a dentist invented a new retainer that makes blow jobs more pleasurable for guys.

For REAL. Usually when we talk about dentists, we’re discussing why so many adults skip appointments or about how much we lie to dentists about flossing! Not about…this. But quite literally, Taiwanese dentist turned artist Kuang-Yi Ku has made an orthodontic retainer out of thermoplastic that’s soft and “dimpled” in order for the best (meaning most intense) oral sex experience.

There’s even a video about the “Fellatio Modification Project.”

Talking to New Scientist, Ku explained how he wants sex and dentistry to merge.

"I’m from the gay community and I realized that the medical school is a very patriarchal system, very serious, and the professors are very traditional, particularly in Asian countries. So I wanted to approach that relationship," he said.

Actually, that kinda makes a lot of sense! Go Ku! We’re not sure we’ll be lining up to get our special retainers anytime soon, but it’s cool to know they’re out there!

Thanks, science!