We don’t know what to make of these denim hot pants for men in Japan

Japan has always been a few steps ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to new trends. Sometimes entire football fields ahead. This new trend is no exception, but it’s a trend we hope doesn’t catch on, because it’s… well it’s just confusing.

The online underwear retailer Shirohato has released their newest creation — the Super Gokusen, which we’re assuming means “denim hot pants” in English. The hot pants were created for men, and they’re small. Really, really small. Like, we aren’t exactly sure how any man could fit his belongings inside the underwear — if you catch our drift. The logistics are baffling.

We’re not the only ones confused by this new trend. People on Twitter don’t seem to get it either:

It’s unclear whether the teeny tiny garment is meant to be worn as underwear or outerwear. But if a dude feels confident enough to wear these as shorts, then more power to him. We just can’t imagine it being anything remotely close to comfortable — for a man or a woman.

The “super extreme short” denim undies are available for purchase from Shirohato. One will cost you 3,045 yen (or $31), and they’re available in either blue or white denim.

Japan is obviously taking hot pants to a whole new level — a level we’re not sure we’re comfortable with. Literally. Because they’re probably so uncomfortable.

(Featured image via Twitter)

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