This latest beauty trend will match your hair to your jeans, because why not

Dyeing your hair Crayola-inspired colors is still going strong in 2016, but blue hair has officially been taken to a new level. Enter #DenimHair, a new form of the trend that is more reminiscent of your favorite jeans than turquoise mermaid locks. Just like how watercolor hair was a spinoff of the rainbow hair trend and pumpkin spice hair was a reiteration of red, Denim Hair is a version of the bright sapphires rocked by Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff —albeit more subdued.

While Mic points out the obvious—this is basically same ol’ blue hair— the trend leans more towards a subtle, multi-tonal effect rather than one prominent shade. The #DenimHair hashtag on Instagram brings up a variety of cobalt locks, but this is more stonewash than Smurfette.

Imagine having hair that perfectly matches your lightest denim. It’s almost like camouflage!

Why not try out an indigo-hued braided crown?

Her hair matches her eyes AND her jeans.

Both shorter and longer lengths work well with denim ‘dos.

Some of the tones make it look like a cross between blue and the gray “granny hair” trend.