Everything you need to know about the Democratic party’s most inclusive LGBT platform ever

Later today, the Democratic party is expected to officially adopt the most progressive LGBT platform ever pushed by the party, and therefore, the most progressive LGBT platform we have ever seen in mainstream U.S. politics. Hopefully, this is the start of some MAJOR changes in our country.


When the Democratic platform was first drafted, it only mentioned LGBT folks 11 times — absolutely not enough when 9 million Americans identify as LGBT. After a committee of hundreds of advocates and policy experts worked on the final draft, that number more than doubled!

So what are some of the most important planks discussed in this new LGBT platform?

  • — Civil rights should be expanded to include protecting and defending LGBT people’s access to public spaces (a.k.a. down with the anti-trans bathroom law!!!!)
  • — There should be the adoption of a federal anti-LGBT discrimination law.
  • — U.S. actions in foreign policy should recognize that LGBT rights and human rights are one and the same
  • — States must be blocked from ratifying any anti-LGBT laws.
  • — The country should focus attention toward anti-transgender violence (and this is an absolute must, as the murder of trans people — especially trans women of color — is an epidemic).


  • — The platform has language describing how “detention can be unacceptably dangerous” for LGBT immigrants who are detained by immigration enforcement — an issue powerfully brought to national attention by undocumented trans woman Jennicet Gutiérrez last year.
  • — The government will help the Census Bureau more effectively and efficiently track data on people in the LGBT community. By historically ignoring the LGBT population, as the government and Census has done, our country cannot adequately provide the public resources that people need and deserve.
  • — The government should review the records of U.S. soldiers who may have been discharged because of their LGBT status.

Fingers crossed that this new Democratic platform is just the beginning of LGBT lives being truly protected and defended in the U.S.