Demi, Selena and Ariana just had the sweetest social media support-fest

What do you do when one of your BFFs releases a dynamite album? Tweet about their success like a proud mama, that’s what. Ariana Grande was listening to new music from her friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, and just had to share her excitement with her 33.2 million Twitter followers. What followed was an adorable social media support-fest.

It all started when Ariana tweeted her love for Demi’s new album, ‘Confidence.’

Demi replied, no less than five minutes later, thanking the singer with lots of heart and crown emojis, and expressing her excitement for Ariana’s upcoming single, ‘Focus.’

Then, Ariana decided to extend the love to compliment Selena’s new album, ‘Revival.’

She added a followup, stating how much she loves seeing other young women succeed at doing what they love.

Selena retweeted Ariana’s sentiment and pretty much summed up our feelings exactly.

Yes, ladies! We’re feeling the love. It’s always so wonderful to see successful women supporting each other and setting positive examples of kindness. Demi, Ariana and Selena are living proof that you don’t have to tear people down on your way to the top; in fact, it’s more fun and more fulfilling when you lift each other up. Two words for you three: girl tour?


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