Demi Lovato’s new subtle ombré is our now favorite late-summer look

If anyone can pull off a new hair style, it’s Demi Lovato. The talented singer and actress recently wowed fans with her newest Snapchat reveal: a gorgeous, subtle ombré. While an ombré is by no means the most radical thing Lovato has done with her hair (we all remember her rainbow ‘do, right?) it definitely caught more than a few fans as surprise, as her most recent look otherwise had been a skillfully sculpted bob.

Now, Lovato has a few more inches to her hair, along with a brown ombré that transitions from deep chocolate to a light caramel. While it’s unclear whether or not Demi’s new look is her natural hair or the work of hair extensions, my personal opinion is that it doesn’t make a single bit of difference. To me, when it comes to beauty, the most important thing is that a person does what feels the most genuine and honest for themselves, whether or not that involves the magic of a few stylists.

From the looks of the Snapchat reveal, it appears that Demi’s latest look was done by her stylist, Jill Powell. While I think that a person always looks their most beautiful when they’re being true to themselves and when they’re happiest with how they look, I have to agree with Demi’s stylist, here, and say that between the subtle ombré and beachy waves, Demi’s newest hairstyle is definitely one of her best.

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