Demi Lovato will be awarded for her mental health advocacy, and it is so well-deserved

We are very happy to hear this news: Demi Lovato will be honored for her mental health advocacy. The 24-year-old singer and advocate has tirelessly demonstrated that perseverance, strength, support, and dedication can gloriously help you to survive mental illness. Demi will receive the Artistic Award of Courage at the Open Mind Gala on March 22nd in Beverly Hills, California.

Besides her long list of accomplishments as an artist, Demi Lovato has aggressively used her platform to create awareness of mental health issues. She recently partnered with the Be Vocal Initiative to executive produce a documentary showcasing the lives of three different individuals battling mental health issues. As Demi uses her resources to bring attention to the issue, she hopes to ease the stigma of mental illness, as well as open a conversation for those who are affected to speak out.

“I’m bipolar and proud, and I live well with it, and I think that that’s the goal for everyone with a mental illness,” said Lovato in an appearance on The Ellen Show. Lovato was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011, and since then has used her career with a purpose.

The positivity behind Demi Lovato’s message is inspiring, but most importantly, we applaud her deliberate actions to help others. Demi knows it takes time and effort, and as she has said before, the road is different for everyone:

"Living well with bipolar disorder is possible, but it takes patience, it takes work and it is an ongoing process. The reality is that you’re not a car that goes into a shop and gets fixed right away. Everyone’s process and treatment plan may be different."

We couldn’t be happier, this is a very well-deserved award!

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