Demi Lovato’s beautiful tribute to her dog has us in tears

Our hearts go out to Demi Lovato, who had to say goodbye to two beloved pets this year.

This summer, Demi lost her sweet dog Buddy, who was killed in a coyote attack. And yesterday, she took to social media to say goodbye to another pet, dog Spawn,  a Doberman who passed away at 8 years old and whom Lovato has known and loved since he was 2 years old.

“When I first met you 6 years ago, I was intimidated by your size and your strong presence. But as I got to know you, I learned you were just one big teddy bear. One handsome teddy bear that’s for sure,” Lovato explains in her Instagram caption.

She then proceeded to beautifully pay tribute to all the things she will miss about her sweet pup:

Lovato’s boyfriend/Spawn’s dad Wilmer Valderrama (who has had and loved Spawn for the sweet dog’s whole life) also took to Instagram to pay tribute to his and Lovato’s beloved pet.

Demi and Wilmer are both comforted by the idea of Spawn and Buddy getting to be together again.

“The only thing that brings me comfort in this situation is knowing that Buddy is probably really happy he now gets to play with his big brother in Heaven..” Lovato said on Instagram.

“Spawn! now go play with Buddy.. I’m sure he’ll be less annoyed this time.. I hope you are both sharing treats and running together.. I miss you both. Two little wolves and #Wolfpack Family in heaven..” Valderrama said on his own account.

(Images via Instagram)

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