Why Demi Lovato’s Latest Tour Update Has Fans Concerned

The powerhouse singer's struggles on tour may be enough to cancel future performances.

If you scored tickets for Demi Lovato’s Holy Fvck tour, don’t cancel those plans. It may be the last time you get to witness this powerhouse musician perform live.

“I’m so f***ing sick I can’t get out of bed,” Lovato posted on their Instagram Story ahead of their latest show in Santiago, Chile. “I can’t do this anymore. This next tour will be my last. I love and thank you guys.”

The posts have since been deleted, but they left many wondering what was happening, and what that might mean for future shows.

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Lovato’s referenced illness remains undisclosed, but fans know how open they have been about their struggles with mental health and addiction. The pop star admirably prioritizes their wellbeing, acting as a role model for those dealing with similar issues.

A few hours later, Demi posted a new series of hopeful Instagram stories after the deleted ones, stating, “Gonna power thru it for you guys. I’ll need help singing so sing loud for me bb’s!!”

“I barely have a voice,” they added in a followup story from backstage. “I’m gonna be pointing the mic to the audience a lot tonight.”

Demi kept their word and performed for a pumped up crowd on September 13, 2022. Posts from Twitter indeed show the mic being pointed to audience members to sing along, and while the vocals may have been toned down onstage, fans enthusiastically helped keep the energy high.

“You guys reeeeally pulled thru tonight,” Lovato posted on Instagram Stories after the show. “Thank you soo f***ing much — I love you more than you know.”

Holy Fvck marks the singer’s seventh concert tour, celebrating their eighth studio album, Holy Fvck. The album also celebrates Lovato’s commitment to sobriety. According to Page Six, they opened up about sobriety while quietly completing time in rehab, and the album was created in a period of time when the singer was completely sober.

Well-wishes abound as the musician takes a much-needed break between shows. The American singer is set to return to the USA for a series of shows on the west coast starting on September 22nd.

No word has been released regarding their current health status, and whether or not they intend on continuing the tour, but one thing is definitely clear: Demi adores their fans as much as they adore them, and that’s the kind of support we can all get behind.

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