Demi Lovato takes a spill, shows us all how to shake off an embarrassing moment like a pro

Once again, Demi Lovato just proved her cool factor. While performing (appropriately enough) her song “Cool for Summer” at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden, Lovato tripped over a mic stand that had fallen on the ground behind her. She took a pretty big tumble, but was back on her feet before any of the cameras caught her. Obviously the middle of the stage isn’t a great place for a fallen mic stand to be hanging around, but instead of getting super embarrassed about it, she brushed it off like the champ she is.

The video released by iHeart Radio doesn’t show the fall, but Lovato can be seen on her back kicking her legs in the air and laughing. Making fun of yourself in embarrassing moments really is the best way to go.

But you guys, the fall doesn’t even matter because she SLAYED the performance.

But back to the fall for a second — Lovato is basically a pro at falling on stage and laughing about it, because this wasn’t the first time it happened. Back in July, she took a nasty spill while performing the same song in Los Angeles at KIIS FM’s summer pool party on the roof of the WaterMarke Tower.

So of course fans are used to Lovato’s adorable clumsiness. Some fans took to Twitter to react to the spill in the most hilarious and forgiving way:

After the show, Lovato was quick to neutralize the situation with a tweet:

Earlier that same day, Lovato was honored with the inaugural “Rulebreaker” award at Billboard’s Women in Music luncheon in NYC.

“It’s not intentional and that’s what’s awesome — people see it,” she said while receiving the award. “I’m excited to show people you can be yourself and people will appreciate it.”

We think it’s safe to say that people definitely appreciate her fantastic ability to just be herself.

(Featured image via Vevo)

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