Thanks, Demi Lovato, for dropping a rad summer jam

Aah, just in time for those 8:30 PM sunsets!

After weeks of treating fans to a few teasers, Demi Lovato has finally dropped the full installment of her latest, “Cool For The Summer.”

Produced by Max Martin, “Cool For The Summer” is a loud, unapologetic party anthem strewn with a little bit of ’80s influence (just for good measure). As with any Grade-A summer anthem, “Cool For The Summer” is an infectious tune that’s bound to stay in your head for the rest of today (and possibly tomorrow).

While Demi Lovato has always reigned supreme as a pop songstress, “Cool For The Summer” is definitely a departure from her past work. Instead of sticking to breakup tunes like “Heart Attack” and “Give You Heart A Break,” “Cool For The Summer’ flaunts a much more playful side of Demi.

“Cool for the Summer” comes as the first single off of her forthcoming fifth album, which is due later this year.

Until then, you can add “Cool For The Summer” to your YouTube queue, below:

(Image via YouTube)


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