Demi Lovato proposes some solutions to this whole Starbucks cup mess

It’s official: The Starbucks red cup debate has gotten way out of hand. This year, people are viewing the company’s simple red ombré holiday cups as anti-Christian because they don’t include any specific winter or Christmas-themed iconography. Some are just angry that the cup is entirely blank.

The Internet is buzzing, and reactions range from mild to severe: making memes, people designing their own versions, and ordering their drinks under the name “Merry Christmas,” forcing employees to acknowledge the holiday in writing on the cup.

Amidst the debacle, Demi Lovato decided to speak up about the red cups on Twitter. In doing so, she summed up our feelings exactly and basically put the issue to bed.

First she raised a great question, and even offered a solution.

She also dared to say what we’re pretty much all thinking.

Then, she dropped a serious truth bomb.

Bam. There you have it. Demi, you’re hired. If it were up to us, you’d be cordially invited to become an official Starbucks consultant, because you just solved this entire red cup debate. Could we seriously serve all coffee in mugs instead of paper cups? Lorelai Gilmore would definitely be on board. And next, could you work your magic and make these amazing-looking drinks available in the U.S.? We’re dying to try them!

(Image via Instagram)