Demi Lovato spoke about what it was like being with the Clinton campaign on election night

You might not have known this, but Demi Lovato hung out with the Clinton campaign on election night. The singer actively supported the former Secretary of State during her political run for president, and even followed her to an Iowa City date during the campaign itself back in January 2016.

In fact, Lovato is such a big fan that she had nothing but encouraging words to share.

"I don’t think there is a woman more confident than Hillary Clinton," Lovato said to the crowd in Iowa. "I am voting for her because of her beliefs, her strength and the fact that she completely embodies the concept of women empowerment."

So we can only imagine how tough it must have been when the Clinton campaign realized that she lost the chance to serve as our 45th president.

"It was extremely uncomfortable," Lovato said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Everyone was devastated."

Unfortunately, Lovato thinks that after witnessing such a loss, the United States might not see a woman president in the near future. We’re hoping she’s wrong about that, since it’ll be a huge moment in history — and for women everywhere — to have an inspirational woman holding the title.

"I don't know if it's in the near future," Lovato admitted. "I think that our country has a lot of growing to do before that can happen, obviously. But it'll definitely happen."

Even though she ended her time on the campaign feeling devastated, she said that the whole experience was truly fantastic for her growth. Lovato learned how great it is to speak her mind, even about her political choices. And that’s why we love Lovato — she made it pretty clear this past year that she’ll never be silenced.