Demi Lovato is blowing our minds in this skin-tight, cut-out cat suit with a plunging neckline

Sometimes, we just have to embrace our inner Cat Woman. As in, step out in something black and tight and lacy, because we only live ONCE and why OH WHY not have some fun with our clothes?

And one of our favorite singers is showing us how it’s done: Demi Lovato shows off her sexy, second-skin catsuit on Instagram, and we’re all aboard.

We just love how this suit hugs her figure, and paired with those black heels…it screams ridiculously killer confidence and attitude. As for the plunging neckline, Lovato absolutely rocks it (and looks impossibly fit). Like, seriously — this could be a scene from a movie, but it’s just Demi’s real life.

Not all of us own something like this in our wardrobe, but it’s definitely inspiring us to find some items that are a little more daring. This isn’t a one-off burst of fashion inspo either, because her Insta is full of snaps that make us wanna  run outside and CRUSH LIFE.

After witnessing a legit catsuit, this is almost too much!

And then there was Halloween, when this happened…

We’re so freaking grateful for Demi Lovato. She’s not afraid of bold choices, which can sometimes feel super intimidating. But if anyone can do that, SHE CAN!

via giphyAnd obviously being fearless isn’t just about the clothes we decide to put on our body (though experimenting with different styles is always a blast) — but the actions we choose to take.

So let’s take a page out of Demi’s book and embrace our inner Cat Woman, either literally, by wearing something new and exciting, or figuratively, by OWNING our badass selves.

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