Demi Lovato just tweeted this beautiful message of support following the Orlando shooting

Following the events in Orlando, many celebrities immediately took to social media and TV to make powerful statements about the importance of gun control, as well as to show support for the LGBTQIA community. Some people tweeted, others talked about it on their shows, while others attended vigils. Other people, understandably, needed some time to grieve and get their thoughts in order before making such a public statement.

Demi Lovato needed more than 140 characters to express her thoughts regarding the shooting, so rather than just a simple tweet, she wrote her thoughts in a note. Here’s the full text: false

It reads:

She followed it with this tweet: false

We’re thankful that so many people are coming forward to support the LGBTQIA community in such a dark time. While everyone processes events like this differently and we need to respect this process, it can only help to put as much support and love out into the world as possible.

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