Demi Lovato rocked this popular eyeshadow palette at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and it was JUST restocked

Whenever we hear the word “restocked” in connection to a beloved makeup product, we know we have to act fast! So when we caught wind of the fact that Demi Lovato wore the Violet Voss Ride or Die eyeshadow palette at the 2017 iHeart Radio Music Awards, we knew we had to spread the blessing around. After all, if people loved the palette enough to buy it out before, the sales will only continue to explode after Demi modeled it.

If you’re not already familiar with the glorious world of the Violet Voss Ride or Die eyeshadow palette, take our hand and mount the magic carpet.

But first, let’s acknowledge how well put together Demi’s awards show look was.

If you’re looking to refresh your eyeshadow game, we recommend you jump on the Violet Voss palette while it’s still restocked!

If we can look as fierce as Demi Lovato on the daily, then we will buy anything!


The eyeshadow palette includes 42 different shades of gorgeous shadows that range from neutral tones to bold yellow and purple hues. Plus, the palette has a mirror, so all of your needs are covered!

There are so many colors you’re bound to find perfect matches.

Plus, while supplies last you can get 10 percent off the $75 price tag with the code TRENDMOOD.

This is a steal.

All we can say here is, if you’re tempted to buy it, rush to the Violet Voss website before it’s too late!

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