Demi Lovato shared why she had fewer female friends growing up, and tbh we get it

While she might be cool for the summer, Demi Lovato has explained why she had fewer female friends at the start of her career, and tbh we totally get it.

If there is one celebrity who continuously inspires us both with her artistry and with her activism, it’s Demi Lovato. The 24-year-old singer and actor has candidly shared her experiences with mental health, and this year celebrated five years of being sober. We love that she’s not afraid to live her life out loud, and it also helps that she knows her way around a banging pop song, too (#Justice4CoolForTheSummer).

Despite the bi-curious undertones of that stone cold banger, Demi Lovato has recently opened up about how, when she was starting her career, she never really had female friends.

In a new interview with Australian site Mamamia, the former Disney star spoke about how, early on in her career, she found herself gravitating to male friends.

“In my work environment, I used to only surround myself with men,” Demi said. “I only had guys in my band, and I toured with guys and my tour manager was a guy and this and that” 

"I didn’t have any women in my life that I really trusted," Demi admitted.

The singer said, however, that she decided to make conscious decision to alter that.

"I made a specific change. There was a time I used to say that I just didn't get along with girls," she said. "I reevaluated why I didn't get along with girls, and I think it's because I didn't really have any in my life that I trusted."

Instead, Demi revealed, she decided to surround herself strong women. “It’s really made a difference in my life,” she added.

Demi, who is currently starring in the new movie Smurfs: The Lost Village, previously announced that she was going to take a break from the spotlight.

Yet, it seems that the singer’s passion for music couldn’t be ignored, and she recently released a dance song with Cheat Codes titled “No Promises.” There are also rumors that the singer is prepping for new solo material, too, with Wikipedia listing a track “Proof.”

Tbh, as long as Demi is feeling happy and healthy then that’s all that matters. We’re glad that she’s found solace in female friendship and girl power, and cant’ wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for her.

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