Demi Lovato Doesn’t Mind If You Misgender Them, as Long as You’re Making an Effort

"It's a huge transition to change the pronouns I've used for myself my entire life."

Demi Lovato understands that transitioning into using they/them pronouns is a learning curve for those who care about them—and Lovato even finds themselves using the wrong pronouns to identify, too. In a recent Instagram post, Lovato said it’s okay if you misgender them. As long as you’re making an effort, that’s all that matters.

If you misgender me — That’s okay, Lovato wrote in a July 13th post. I accidentally misgender myself sometimes!

They continued, “It’s a huge transition to change the pronouns I’ve used for myself my entire life. And it’s difficult to remember sometimes! As long as you keep trying to respect my truth, and as long as I remember my truth, the shift with come naturally. I’m just grateful for your effort in trying to remember what means so much to my healing process.”

On Sunday, July 11th, Lovato, the nonbinary community, and their allies, kicked off Nonbinary Awareness Week. Lovato celebrated by reposted a series of slides from friend Matt Bernstein.

“A lot more people would identify as non-binary if they understood what it meant,” the first slide of Bernstein’s post read. The post further explains that the term “nonbinary” encompasses “a range of gender identities that aren’t man or woman.”

When Lovato announced they’d be using they/them pronouns earlier this year, they said via their 4D with Demi Lovato podcast, “I feel this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am and am still discovering.”

We’re all trying out best—both allies and members of the nonbinary community—and that’s what truly counts.

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