Demi Lovato will provide professional therapy to fans on her new tour

After opening up about her own struggles with mental health, Demi Lovato has decided to offer free professional therapy during her upcoming tour dates. And that’s officially one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard.

Back in 2016, Lovato spoke to American Way magazine, opening up about how it feels to be judged by your appearance on stage and how it has negatively affected her mental health and self-confidence. And in the recently released YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, Demi was extremely candid about her struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

She’s now taking her commitment to mental health awareness even further by offering mental health workshops as part of her 2018 Tell Me You Love Me tour, which kicks off tonight, January 24th, in New York.

Lovato announced the news on Good Morning America.

"It's basically like a therapy session before the concerts and we have speakers from all over and we're also helping out with different charities from around the country," she said on the show. "So it'll be an incredible, very moving and inspiring experience."

The sessions will be run by an organization called CAST that works to de-stigmatize mental health issues. Lovato previously worked with CAST when she toured with Nick Jonas in 2016.

“It was such an incredible experience the last time we did this on tour. I’ve actually met people that go to CAST because they went to CAST on tours and realized they needed to get sober or they needed to better themselves in some other way and it’s changed lives and I want to be able to do that again,” she said. “It’s a part of my whole […] life, about giving back and I think it’s really important that I continue to do this while I’m on tour.”

We applaud Lovato’s efforts to make positive change in the world around her. Just one more reason to love this lady.

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