Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are teaming up to launch their own record label and we can’t wait to see who they sign

When musicians are just starting out, they’re exciting just to have their music heard and then they’re downright ecstatic when that magic day comes and they’re signed to a record label, gearing up to produce their very own album. After that, of course, can come fame, glory and thousands of screaming fans, but…then what? For Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, that next step is launching their own record label.

The Disney-duo are teaming up with manager Phil McIntyre to create Safehouse Records, a small and artist-centric record label nested under Island Records, Nick’s label. What makes this label different is that Demi and Nick really want it to be all about creativity and artist individuality, giving singers complete control over the kind of sound they want to produce.

In fact, the two are so stoked for their label that Demi has already signed with it! Her newest (and fifth!) album will be co-produced by Safehouse and Hollywood Records, which is owned by Disney. Demi, who burst into stardom in Disney’s Camp Rock, could not be more excited:

And we can’t wait to hear it!

While Nick started his career as a part of the unforgettable Jonas Brothers, he, too, has come into his own recently. His hit single “Jealous” was his highest-charting single ever, hitting the number seven spot on the Top 100 charts. And he’s followed it up with “Good Thing,” which looks just as promising!

With two such talented stars coming together, there’s no doubt that Safehouse Records is going to be a roaring success. I just wanna know who they’re gonna sign first! I think I know a friend who is interested…

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