Demi Lovato’s body confidence shines through in new single art

The wait is over. For a while now, Demi Lovato has been hinting that she’s in the process of coming up with some amazing music that will most likely be performed during her upcoming tour with Nick Jonas. And while there was no doubt the music would be as inspiring and badass as the singer herself, she just confirmed via the Future Now tour‘s Twitter that her next single is dropping friday and will be a body positive anthem. Or at least that’s what it looks like. false

The gorgeous picture of a woman proudly looking at herself in the mirror while clearly just getting out of bed (a time when we feel often the most vulnerable or “imperfect”) already gives us chills in thinking of how the song itself will probably reflect that same confident message. Also, she looks hot! And we are here for women being proud for feeling ~seksi~.

Demi has been pretty open about her thoughts on her own body in the past, including her struggle for balance and acceptance. But it seems like her positive and proactive work has been really paying off since she’s posted some inspiring and powerful videos and messages about her badass physical preparation for the upcoming tour.

Plus, she’s been sharing some seriously body-positive thoughts lately on her Twitter. false

No doubt that a performer who is beautiful on the inside and out will create a gorgeous anthem that will help us to appreciate and live our own lives better. We will cherish our bodies, Dear Demi, as much as we cherish the woman who reminds us to take care of them. And (once you finally release it to the world) we will undoubtedly cherish your new single “Body Say” as well.

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