Demi Lovato is channeling Billie Eilish with her new neon green hair

Demi Lovato is proving that it actually is easy being green. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer just debuted a brand new blunt bob with lime-green tips. And TBH, we’re getting major Billie Eilish vibes from her new ‘do. We love it, and what we like even more is how the color transitions from Lovato’s natural dark brown to a slightly copper shade and into neon green. It could be that this ombré look was totally unintentional—when dark brown hair is bleached, it often turns a rust-colored shade.

Intentional or not, it’s a Nickelodeon-themed dye job that we can definitely get behind.

Lovato is just one of many celebs who chopped their locks during the summer season. Priyanka Chopra, Camila Cabello, Kim Kardashian West, and even Robert Pattinson (LOL) bobbed their hair. But Lovato’s may be the most colorful one yet.

“In case some of you forgot—Yes! Green hair,” Lovato updated followers in a September 11th Instagram Story post.


In fact, her lime-green hair perfectly matches her lime-green manicure. This decision had to have been premeditated, right?


Whether it’s Lovato’s dyed-green tips, or Billie Eilish’s dyed-green roots…

…we’re kind of feeling this Slime Time Live-inspired trend. Would you dare to go green?

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