Demi Lovato and this Bachelorette contestant are flirting—could they follow Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ lead?

Demi Lovato is just like us. She picks her favorite Bachelorette contestant, stans him ’til the end, and makes her feelings known on social media. The only difference? In Lovato‘s case, the Bachelorette contestant in question flirts back. Lovato and Mike Johnson, a former contestant on this most recent season of The Bachelorette, are getting flirty on social media, and is it just us, or could this turn into another Sarah Hyland-Wells Adams situation?

Johnson was vying for Hannah Brown’s love until his elimination on July 1st’s Bachelorette episode. Up until then, Lovato was rooting for Johnson and Brown to get together. She shared her fangirling with followers on Instagram, often giving live updates of her growing crush while watching the show.

“He’s my pick…Jussssayin’,” she captioned a May 20th Instagram Story post, according to Marie Claire. During the May 27th episode of The Bachelorette, she shared a pic of Johnson again writing, “GO MIKE J!!!”

And when Johnson was booted off the show, Lovato swooped in and offered her own heart for him to steal.

Johnson also posted to social media after his elimination, calling out to his “future wife.” “Where u hiding,” he asked.

Lovato’s fans wasted no time chiming in:

Lovato herself even weighed in, responding to a fan’s tagging her in a screenshot of Johnson’s tweet on Instagram, “I’M RIGHT HERE MIKE I’M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO.”

Johnson, who is a fan-favorite among Bachelor Nation and is the one of the most popular candidates among fans to be the next Bachelor, responded to everyone shipping him with Lovato.

“I’m flirting with her, too,” Johnson told Us Weekly on July 18th. “Tell her, ‘What’s up, baby?’ I would definitely take her out for an initial date, yeah. 100% not scared about it at all. I would be like, ‘Oh my God! Girl, come here.’”

As much as we’d all love Johnson to be the next Bachelor, we’d love it even more if he was Lovato’s boyfriend. Jussssayin’.

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