Demi Lovato and her little sister literally look like twins!

Singer and awe-inspiring role model Demi Lovato has a very well-known face, but did you know that there’s someone out there in the world who looks almost identical to her? Yep, Demi’s doppelgänger is her 14-year-old half-sister (who is also in “the business,” – she played Eva Longoria’s daughter in Desperate Housewives), Madison De La Garza! This is no joke, and it’s a pretty uncanny resemblance.

Over the weekend, Demi made a Snapchat video which included this cute selfie with her sister. They really do look like twins. Right?!


Even when Demi and Madison don’t have exactly the same hair color and make-up, the girls look strikingly similar.

We’re sort of jealous about Demi’s great tan in this pic. Sorry, back to the issue at hand…

As far as sisters go, it looks like the nine-year age difference between Demi and Madison is of no concern whatsoever. From this “Twinzies” photo, we can be sure that the girls are there to support each other through the crazy ride of show business, and that’s hugely important! And we have no doubt that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Madison’s acting roles in the near future. Maybe she’ll even try her hand at singing! After all, she’s only 14… the world is literally her oyster.

In the meantime, can you guys post a bunch more Twinzies photos? We haven’t quite got our fix yet. Please and thank you very much!

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