Demi Lovato takes on toxic relationships with Jesse Williams in her new “Tell Me You Love Me” music video

Music videos can have important messages, and Demi Lovato took that to heart. Jesse Williams and Demi took on toxic relationships in her new video for “Tell Me You Love Me.” This album has been all the rage. From Ellen straight up asking Demi if a song was about Nick Jonas to us listening to the whole Tell Me You Love Me album on repeat, Demi is at the forefront of our minds.

She’s also taken to showing side by side pictures of her progress over her eating disorder. Is there anything this amazing girl can’t do? In her latest video, Demi took a darker turn.  She shows the importance of understanding and, in some ways, escaping toxic relationships.

With Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams, Demi portrays a woman who is getting married. The two continually fight before the song starts and go back and forth about whether or not they’re ready to get married. It is intercut with their actual wedding day and Demi singing.

To be quite honest, this video is basically a cinematic masterpiece. It has the feel of what music videos used to be and tells a story that is both important and flows with the emotion that Demi Lovato is delivering with her song.

And really, “Tell Me You Love Me” is a jam we’re planning to scream-sing at karaoke.

But of course, as is with most toxic relationships, there isn’t exactly a happy ending.

It is a video that shows us that, sometimes, love comes at a cost. A cost that we don’t necessarily need to spend. The whole gorgeous thing keeps us on edge until the end.

Congratulations, Demi! This video is incredible and the song is one we definitely can’t wait to hear on the radio.

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