Demi Lovato explains how confidence totally changed her style

Demi Lovato is an inspiration to all of us thanks to her honesty and wisdom when it comes to her body, and body image issues in general. In fact, it’s kind of become her “thing.” The 23-year-old singer spoke to Allure about her status as a role model and what it’s like to work out her body image issues in the public eye. She had some awesome things to say.

“I’ll have people who are like, ‘Stop talking about eating disorders. Like, we get it. You struggled. Now shut up,’” she explains. “I’m sure they get tired of reading about it, because I get tired of talking about it, but this summer I started wearing sexier stuff, and I got some hate for that — like, ‘You’ve changed.’ It’s like, What’s wrong with being confident enough to wear this?”

Demi can pull off whatever look she’s wearing, but this shift is actually pretty meaningul. Not too long ago, she didn’t want anybody to see her body.

It’s so amazing to finally see Demi in a confident place. It definitely shows not just through her clothing choices, but through her music and general attitude about life. “I’ve never felt as confident in my skin as I do today,” she declares. And that’s all that matters.

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