Demi Lovato Tattooed a Meaningful Song Right on the Top of Their Hand

Dr. Woo and Demi are back at it.

Demi Lovato has no shortage of ink, and they’re not stopping any time soon it seems. The “Melon Cake” singer added a new tattoo to their collection on August 25th, and this time it’s a set of meaningful song lyrics.

In their Instagram Stories, Lovato showed off the new body art created by celebrity-favorite tattoo artist Dr. Woo. The ink is a simple scribbled script on top of Lovato’s hand with the lyrics “Love will live forever in the infinite universe” from Beautiful Chorus‘ song “Infinite Universe.” Lovato overlaid the song in their story and tagged the band.

While Lovato has spoken about many of their tattoos and their meanings, the singer has yet to mention the personal significance of the specific song lyrics online. But it does join their other hand tattoo, the well-known lion they have had for years.

demi lovato tattoo

In a subsequent Instagram Story, the singer showcased the ink in color holding their hand up to their face and angling it toward the camera. The black ink covers the entire top of their palm and even features small stars and planets circling around the lyrics.

demi lovato tattoo

The new piece is far from Lovato’s only ink by Dr. Woo. The pair have collaborated several times for the singer’s body art. He’s responsible for some of their most well-known pieces like the “Survivor” script on the side of their neck. He’s also the artist behind Lovato’s portrait of their grandmother on their arm.

Could there be more tattoos coming from Lovato and Dr. Woo? Looking at the singer’s ever-growing collection, probably (and we can’t wait to see them).

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