Demi Lovato had two winning Halloween costumes that you have to see

According to her Instagram from this past weekend, our girl Demi Lovato does not play when it comes to Halloween. The 27-year-old pop star stepped out to celebrate at Halloweekend part one with two incredible looks. And because Demi is no stranger to taking bold risks with her looks, it only makes sense that her Halloween outfits were as stunning and well-executed as her many hair transformations.

It started on Saturday, October 28th, when Lovato revealed the first of her costumes: a modern take on Marie Antoinette, complete with a sky-high, ultra-voluminous blonde wig, powdery white makeup, and tiny accent pearls placed delicately around her teal-shadowed eyes. The makeup alone was pretty awe-inspiring. Can we get a Halloween glam team like hers?

She finished off her Victorian-era costume with a mini, modern corset dress that was just a little bit shorter than the one the real Marie Antoinette wore. Like we said, it was a modern take.

Lovato captioned her photo, “I told y’all I don’t play on Halloween!! It’s my time to shine.”

She tagged the glam team that helped her execute the look.

On Sunday, Lovato transitioned from sweet to scary. This time, she rocked what we’d say is the trendiest version of Pennywise the clown we’ve ever seen. Lovato transformed into the antagonist from Stephen King’s terrifying It, thanks to creepy clown makeup, red contacts, and a red wig. She finished off the outfit off with the character’s signature red balloon.

We’re waiting to see if she brings out any more costumes this weekend, as Halloween does fall on Thursday. If they’re anything like these two badass looks, we’ll be taking notes for next year.

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