Demi Lovato just explained why she feels most beautiful when she’s naked

Last October, we were totally inspired by Demi Lovato’s absolutely beautiful, natural photoshoot with Vanity Fair that showed her as raw as can be: makeup-free, Photoshop-free, and even clothing-free.

“. . .When I think of ‘confident,’ I think of many things, but one thing in particular is feeling comfortable in your own skin,” Demi said in a video explaining the shoot. “And I thought there was something incredible about the idea — no makeup whatsoever. No clothes. And no retouching. . . I would have never thought that I would have ever gotten to a place in my life where I could feel comfortable doing that.”

Now, in an interview with People, Demi is opening up about being nude — not only emotionally, but physically. “I feel the most beautiful when I’m naked,” she told the publication. “Just completely stripped down, completely organic, me. That’s when I feel the most confident, because that’s the most natural state that I could possibly get in.”

It’s no secret that Demi has struggled with eating disorders in the past, and she’s been incredibly open about her path to loving herself exactly how she is. And she makes that path absolute priority, because that’s when she feels the most beautiful. “The key for me is self-care,” she told People. “I love myself the most when I’m taking care of myself.”

She also often goes makeup-less — although she does have a passion for makeup, especially her own makeup line with NYC New York Color called “Lovatics by Demi.” “The best thing about creating your own makeup line is you get to create products you really want and will actually use,” she said. “I know a lot about makeup, so I can tell you if the color or texture is right, but this was a new experience for me.”

She uses makeup as a creative outlet. “Day to day, I don’t really wear anything close to them, so I actually get excited when I get to wear a really cool, sexy outfit onstage,” she told People.

But while makeup is fun, it isn’t what makes her feel beautiful, ultimately. She feels beautiful naked, and one with her body. “I feel like beauty comes from within, and exudes out,” she told People. “And the love that you have for yourself and the confidence that you have is what attracts other people to you.”

You know, just Demi Lovato, being an amazing role model 100% of the time. Thanks, Demi, for inspiring us every single day to love the skin we’re in.

(Images via Instagram.)

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