Demi Lovato fans held a tribute concert in her honor — in the exact spot where she was scheduled to perform

Demi Lovato’s fans are continuing to send her love during a difficult week. The singer was rushed to the hospital on July 24th after a reported heroin overdose. Lovato is in stable condition, but understandably had to cancel a performance in Atlantic City on Thursday, July 26th. Still, that didn’t stop the Lovatics, her devoted fans, from showing up anyway. They banded together and performed a tribute concert in Demi’s honor.

It’s widely known that Lovato has struggled with sobriety throughout her young life. One of the most incredible things about the singer is her transparency with her fans. She’s never tried to hide her struggles with mental health, addiction, exhaustion, and fame. Back in June, Lovato released a surprise single called “Sober” detailing her relapse with alcohol. She was sober for six years and has always been very proud and vocal about her strength. The Lovatics stood by her then, and as the tribute concert in Atlantic City proves, they’ve continued to show up.

Since so many of Lovato’s fans were traveling from out of town to see the show, they didn’t have much notice to cancel their trips. So instead, they decided to gather on the spot where she would have performed and hold a concert in her honor. Lovatics Paige Robisonand Jake Rudzinski organized the gathering, E! News reports. Using the hashtag #LovaticsTakeAC, fans shared their voices and their stories, and most of all, their support for Demi. false

"A couple days ago with the events that happened with Demi, we found out that the show was canceled, and a lot of people traveled from Canada, Indiana, Illinois, Chicago," Robison told E! News. "We were all looking forward to the concert and the disappointment of it not going on, it being canceled, it motivated me to want to still get the people who traveled all this way together to show our support to Demi, to let her know that we love her, we care for her and we're going to stand by her."

The mini Demi Lovato tribute concert was even live-streamed for those who couldn’t be there in person.

"We actually live-streamed it and we were taking requests from the people who were watching around the world. We sang a lot of her hits and the songs that she just came out with from her new album, 'Tell Me You Love Me' and we sang her newest song, 'Sober,' just as a tribute to her because at the end we said 'we'll always be there for you!'" Robison continued. "I know that song is probably hard for her to perform and we sat and we held hands for that one."

"I felt like in this time we needed to be around people who understood what we were going through," Robison said. "This fandom is a family and it made us feel connected and we couldn't thank Demi more for that and we just wanted to show our support for her."

Like this wonderful fandom, we hope Demi knows she is loved. Stay strong.

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