Demi Lovato and Fall Out Boy just made a parody sequel to “It’s Gonna Be Me”

In the ’90s and early ’00s, MTV ran supreme. TRL was a daily ritual for anyone lucky enough to have cable; and oftentimes, an epic music video was just as important as the song itself. While many pop stars dominated the medium, few had quite as many iconic videos as powerhouse boy band *NSYNC. From “Bye Bye Bye” to “I Want You Back,” each video was as memorable as the last — and Demi Lovato and Fall Out Boy have just paid homage to one of the best.

On Tuesday, Lovato and FOB released the official music video for “Irresistible,” featuring a modern day reimagining of “It’s Gonna Be Me” — and it has us feeling all kinds of early ’00s nostalgia. In the video, the members of Fall Out Boy play bobbleheads come to life at a toy store while Lovato plays one of the store’s employees.

Like the video’s predecessor, all the band wants is to get someone’s attention and come back to life. The boys break out of their boxes; play with other dolls; and finally get noticed after jamming out on tiny instruments. At the end, Lovato and the band are shown walking out of the store and having a good laugh about the whole thing — because how else do you cope with the trauma of being turned to plastic?

As if all of that weren’t enough to get the nostalgia flowing, the video also features a cameo from *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone as one of the toy store’s other employees. (His preference for the “vintage” dolls is obvious.) Check it out for yourself below!

(Image via video.)

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