Demi Lovato has the PERFECT response to engagement questions

As all of us who have a slightly unhealthy totally normal obsession with celebrity couples know, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have been together a LONG time. The two met six years ago, and have been dating for about five years. And as an adult human knows, once you’re in a relationship with someone for longer than two years, you’re all of a sudden inundated with ALL the marriage questions.

To be clear, Demi and Wilmer are NOT engaged, but they are definitely fielding the questions. And when Demi recently got the third degree from Ellen of all people, she responded in the coolest way.

“There’s a rumor you’re engaged,” Ellen brought up, to which Demi, with all the good-natured sass flashed her left hand and said “I don’t see a ring.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind if I saw one,” she confessed, but immediately added, “but there’s time for everything. I mean, we’ve been together for this long, I mean, obviously I’m not going anywhere, and visa versa.”

Here’s why we love Demi’s response so much — it’s equal parts honest and wise. It’s clear that she would be VERY down to sport some bling on her left ring finger and be nose deep in wedding planning, and she’s not pretending like all of that’s not important to her. Props to Demi for being open with her heart and not being afraid to say that she wants what she wants.

At the same time, she gets that there’s no hard deadline on the whole getting engaged thing. As she wisely says, “There’s a time for everything,” and it sounds like when it’s the right time for both Demi and Wilmer, they will make sure we ALL know about the beautiful news. The important thing is that they are a stable and committed couple who are completely there for each other and are “not going anywhere.”

So those of you who are in long-term relationships, are getting the wedding questions left and right, and aren’t quite sure how to respond, take a page from Demi’s book, and when you respond for the zillionth time re: why your Facebook status is still “In a relationship” and not yet “Engaged,” totally be honest about your feelings, but make sure to temper that honesty with some perspective.

Watch Demi’s Ellen interview below:

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