Demi Lovato’s dog Batman joined Instagram, and he’s a natural social media star

If you’re one of those people who simply cannot follow enough adorable animals on Instagram (and even if you think you’re not), we’ve discovered a new account that you must follow. Like, immediately. And it belongs to none other than Demi Lovato’s precious pup, Batman!

Batman’s been quite the avid Instagram pup since joining the platform just a few days ago, and (at this moment) already has a dozen snapshots posted to his account. The fluffball is obviously a natural in front of the camera just like his mama, with candid shots of maxing and relaxing in the studio, cuddling up with his mom, and posing with his bunny friend.

Since adopting Batman back in 2015 after the tragic passing of her sweet Maltipoo, Buddy, Demi hasn’t exactly kept her canine counterpart away from her own social media accounts. He’s always been a star. The only difference now is that he’s a big boy puppy with his own big boy handle now. Aweee.

Batman isn’t going to have any problems making friends on Instagram with his sweet face, ample fluff and his mama’s social media power backing him. He’s already hit 10,000 followers on his first day (no surprises there!). It would seem he’s quite selective about who he follows back, though, like a truly savvy social media star. However, a few of our favorites like Doug the Pug and Geordi the Corgi made the short list of Insta dogs Batman chooses to follow.

Welcome to Instagram, Batman. We cannot wait to ooh and aah over all your puppy pics!

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