Demi Lovato and Michelle Rodriguez get their action game on for ‘Confident’

Um, so is Demi Lovato having the best year ever or what? Her single “Cool for the Summer” ruled the radio, and in the ramp-up to new album Confident (which drops next week!), she’s been sharing some serious body positivity wisdom while killing every photo shoot and performance she does. Now, she’s kicking ass and taking names in the new music video for title track “Confident,” and whew, are we sure that fall’s here because this vid has got us sweatin’.

In the long tradition of badass concept music videos, Lovato plays a maximum security prisoner given leave with one mission: To capture an equally armed and dangerous Michelle Rodriguez. After the two women face off (in sequences that not-so-coincidentally look similar to Rodriguez’s Fast & Furious franchise, as well as director Robert Rodriguez’s action films), Lovato and Rodriguez team up against the men who pitted them against each other. Solidarity!

All of this is underscored by the bumpin’ song, which (with its Kanye West undertones) is a rollicking romp of a tune. Lovato’s voice, which simmered under the hypnotic guitars on “Cool for the Summer,” takes center stage on “Confident,” and it’s utterly electric to watch her embody the song’s message: “This is my game, and you better come and play.”

Part “Bad Blood,” part Thelma & Louise, part Deathproof, “Confident” and its music video makes it clear that Lovato’s in the pop game to win it, but she’s invested in bringing the pop sisterhood up together. That, and that having flawless brows make everything else you do look that much more badass.

Watch the video right here.

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