Demi Lovato has blonde hair now, and she looks AMAZING

Shirking the tradition of transitioning to darker tresses for the fall, Demi Lovato is blonde now, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, she looks incredible. The 24-year-old “Stone Cold” singer debuted her bold, blonde hair on Instagram over the weekend and just like the nearly one million people who’ve liked the photo so far, we’re definitely feeling her stunning new look.

No stranger to drastic hair transformations, Lovato’s gorgeous new ‘do comes only a couple of months after she took her previously brunette lob up a notch by adding in some sultry hair extensions and then werking the hell out of an ombré look that she revealed on Snapchat. While she totally impressed us with those styles, her new blonde bombshell locks are EVERYTHING.

“Goldie locks ?,” she captioned the photo.

Damn, Demi! Seriously, if she isn’t your hair crush already, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.


Recently, Lovato said she’d be taking some time off soon and since blondes supposedly have more fun, we’re guessing her break from the spotlight will be totally lit.

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