Now you can smell like your zodiac sign with this astrologically-themed fragrance collection

If you’re already deep in the spiritual trenches of astrology, you may already be able to smell someone’s sign from a mile away. However, for those of us who dabble in the astrological arts without an all-encompassing knowledge, there is a collection of scents based on your zodiac sign. So, you can let the world know what they’re working with every time they get a whiff of your sweetness.

The brilliant perfume brand masterminds behind this zodiac mischief is the family-owned, NYC-based Demeter Fragrance Library. All of the perfume batches are made by hand, so you can feel the love as you layer yourself in a cocktail of scents according to your zodiac sign.

The Zodiac Collection includes 12 custom scents mixed to reflect the characteristics of each of the signs!

Our condolences go out to the 13th sign – Ophiucus, the world still isn’t ready for you.

Just like the stars themselves, the whole collection is unisex.

The fragrances are light enough to be layered, so if you’re a Taurus sun with a Sag rising and a Pisces moon, you could layer all three and give people a true sense of your emotional layers.


The individual Zodiac perfumes are sold in three sizes, a mini .17oz sampler for $3.20, a .29oz roll-on perfume oil for $9.60, and a full-size 1.7 oz spray for $32!

So you don’t have to break that bank in order to play with the perfumes written in the stars.


Also, the descriptions are witty, and prove they take the process of creating accurate zodiac-based scents seriously. For example, it’s Leo season and the description for the fire sign’s perfume feels fitting,

"A fragrance designed for the natural born leaders in life has to be as addictive as the Leo personalities that inspired it – and we think we’ve done it.  This is a scent fit for a King and a Queen, blending Black Myrrh, Indonesian Teakwood, Black Pepper and Bitter Orange Blossom."

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If you don’t know your sign — or are interested in reading your full chart before embarking on this perfume journey, you can plug in your coordinates for free on

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