Delta flights played the movie “Carol” without any of the same-sex romance, but why?

The hit 2015 lesbian romance film Carol can’t seem to catch a break. First, ABC refused to air advertisements for the film, claiming they wanted “more coverage” on the actresses during the scene where they are in bed together. (We can’t help but wonder if they’d demand the same of a heterosexual couple.) And now Delta Airlines is airing an edited version of the film, because why?

A Delta representative issued this statement to frustrated passengers:

What guidelines would those be exactly, Delta?

Basically, the version of the film Delta passengers saw does not include ANY same-sex kissing (in a movie about two women who fall in love), which is insane because heterosexual kissing gets a pass.

As Jackson McHenry points out for Vulture, these edits make a huge difference in what is already considered an incredibly subtle film:

Carol screenwriter Phyllis Nagy took to Twitter to vent her frustration and confusion:

We’re really disappointed in Delta’s decision, and hope they right this wrong immediately. It’s supposed to be the friendly skies, Delta, not just the heterosexual-only ones.