Delta just got rid of check-in, and we’re so curious to see how this is gonna work

We’re pretty sure everyone can agree that flying is a massive headache. From the wait times to the whole metal tube hurtling through the sky aspect, flying is the worst. So we’re all for anything that improves the flying experience. Delta is trying to do just that by eliminating the check-in process with its new Fly Delta app.

According to The Verge, Delta will automatically send you your boarding passes 24 hours before your flight, so you can walk right up to the gate with your smartphone in hand.

However, that part is not that different than online check-in, which many airlines already do. What Delta is doing is removing the part where you log in, announce your baggage, select your seat, and then download your boarding pass. With Delta, there is no “check-in” anymore, regardless of whether that check-in is online or in person. They send you the boarding pass, and all you have to do is show up on time.


Okay, but what’s the catch?

This sounds like an awesome upgrade; however, it doesn’t account for those who don’t have smartphones, or if the app crashes, or if your phone just doesn’t want to connect to the wifi in the terminal that day. The app apparently hasn’t been rolled out for Android users yet either.

We’re assuming that the brick-and-mortar check-in will still exist, but we can see a future where the majority of fliers are automatically sent their boarding passes with maybe one or two check-in stations per airline in the event of an emergency. Kind of how movie theaters have mostly done away with ticket sales associates now that you can buy your tickets online and have them printed at the theater.

Regardless, if Delta’s latest upgrade can save us 30 minutes off our pre-board airport wait time, we’re down.