Delicious Ways to Surprise Your Favorite Person

What’s better than coming home to freshly baked desserts after a long day? Okay, there might be other ways to make your favorite person/significant other/BFF/roomie smile, but since (basically) everyone likes to eat, today we’re talking about food.  Here’s my round-up of the best homemade ways to make your fav person swoon. Your kitchen will smell amazing as these easy-to-make sweet treats bake to perfection, so let your oven do the work while you take the credit.

Mexican chocolate donuts

Happiness for under 100 calories is hard to come by these days, but this recipe for rich, chocolate donuts will not let you (or your honey) down.  Let your creative juices flow as you glaze them… or eat them naked.  You really cannot go wrong.

Chocolate chip espresso cookies

Chocolate and espresso are a famous duo.  Amazingly, espresso makes chocolate taste more like chocolate, so here you’ll get double-chocolatey goodness.  These cookies are flat and crisp, with a touch of a well-balanced salty bite.  I bet you’ll make them over and over.

Apple and pear cinnamon skillet cake

Ever heard of engagement chicken?  I feel bad for your fine, feathered friend, because one taste of this, and s/he will be raving about engagement skillet cake!  One bite and your sweetie will be sold.  Signed, sealed, delivered… however you want to phrase it, this decadent and gooey confection is a winner.

Chocolate drizzled caramel corn

Just because this recipe can start with store-bought popcorn (if you don’t have an air-popper at home) doesn’t mean it cannot morph into something other-worldly.  The combination of chocolate and caramel marries perfectly for a sweet and crunchy bite.  Plus it’s easy to make, because after all, who wants to spend the entire day in the kitchen?

This is just a start! Of course there are so many different sweet treats, but these four are our favorites.  If you make one of these recipes at home, we’d love to hear how you like them!