These delicate figurines with hardcore tattoos are just awesome

The closest I’ve ever come to having a tattoo was last week when someone gave me fake slip on arm sleeve tattoos for Christmas. But after seeing the creations of Scottish-based artist Jessica Harrison, I’m feeling pretty left out of the tattoo game.

For her Painted Lady series which MyModernMet just alerted us to, Harrison took delicate ceramic sculptures of ladies wearing fancy dresses, and hand-painted tiny, colorful, meticulous tattoos all over their glossy bodies. According to her bio, “Harrison proposes a multi-directional and pervasive model of skin as a space in which body and world mingle.” Her work explores the question of whether or not modifying skin with tattoos affects social status and creates a social stigma.

The question is definitely relevant, but the message that I’m taking away from this intriguing series is that pretty ladies in dresses can absolutely rock hardcore tattoos. And they do it well.

Take a look:

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